Our Mead Bandwagon (parent booster club) is active and provides a massive amount of support for our group.  This group is responsible for organizing serveral fundraisers throughout the year, providing funding for our program and much more.

Please see our Bandwagon page of this website for more information about getting involved.


Please see the following link for our marching band and color guard schedule for 2017 in pdf form 


Students are allowed to have cell phones as long as they do not become a disruption to our processes; rehearsals, rest, instruction, etc.  They often provide fun entertainment and communiction with others.  Cell phones are not allowed during rehearsals.


  • WA State Patrol Background Check -
    • All individuals interested in volunteering with activities at Mead HS must pass the WA State Patrol Background Check.  
    • Our Performing Arts Administrative Assistant can assist with this background check. Please contact Mary Collins to complete this background check.   
    • During summer hours our main office administrative assistant can assist with this background check on Mondays from 8am to noon.
    • Plan on presenting your WA State ID in person.  
  • Chaperone application (click for application)
    • Please complete the application if you are interested in helping!
  • Guidelines and Duties


  • Rehearsals - students should wear athletic-type clothing for our rehearsals.  They will be involved in physical activity and should be flixible and free to move as needed.
    • Recommended - Hats, sunglasses, T-shirts, tank tops, shorts, sweat pants, sweatshirts, tennis/walking/running shoes.
    • DO NOT WEAR - Jeans, dress pants, dresses, flip-flops, slides, sandals, etc. are not allowed at rehearsals.  Students will need to keep their torso/abdomen covered.
    • Protect yourself from the sun - we STRONGLY encourage students to wear hats, sunglasses and sunscreen for our extended times in the sun for this activity.
    • It gets cold in October! - don't forget that it gets cold later in the season.  Plan to dress in layers!
  • Performances
    • Band Uniform provided - shako and plume, jacket, bibs (pants), garment bag, gloves
    • Under garments - Students MUST wear the provided t-shirt under the uniform jacket for performances. Tight-fitting shorts should be worn under the bibs.
  • Trips
    • In addition to the items listed above for rehearsals and performances, consider comfortable clothes for lengthy bus rides and clothing to sleep in.


  • FamilyID
    • Basic medical information for extracurricular related activities and athletics must be submitted online using FamilyID.  Some of you may be familiar with this process from sports that your student has participated in.  This process will replace the paper form previously used.  Don't forget-if you have medication needs of any kind, additional communication and forms will be needed from our school nurse.

  • MBCG Eligibility Packet/Forms
    • Eligibility forms must be completed using the Google Forms link provided. Paper copies of forms are only available for reference (forms page of  This process will allow you to complete and digitally sign for our MBCG Registration, 2016 Fees, Parent & Student Code, Season Schedule, Travel Permission, Dietary Needs Form, etc.

  • Fees
    • Participation in band and color guard will require that all previous fines and fees be paid.  This includes having all fines paid prior to participation in summer rehearsals.  Additionally, the MHS ASB card will need to be purchased on or before September 15.


  • Color guard - flags, rifles and sabres will be provided for students that will need them for the performance.  Many students elect to purchase rifles for practice.  Please check with the guard staff for information on purchasing these items.
  • Horn line -
    • Woodwind - woodwind players should bring their own instrument and accessories (mouthpieces, reeds, etc).  In some cases a few school owned woodwind instruments can be checked out.
    • Brass - school owned mellophones, baritones, tubas and mouthpieces will be provided and must be used by the students. Trumpet players will need to provide their own instrument and mouthpiece.  Please try to obtain a silver trumpet to match the school provided equipment.
  • Percussion - All percussion equipment will be provided, including sticks and mallets.  (some pit students may be asked to bring a pair of drum sticks).  This includes mallet keyboards, electronic keyboards, cymbals, toms,marching snare drums, marching tenor drums, marching bass drums, etc.


  • All MBCG students
    • ASB - $45
    • Season Fee - $475
  • Color guard students only
    • Color guard warm ups - approx. $70
    • Color guard costumes - $75 to $100
  • Percussion Students Only
    • Mallet, stick, head Fee - $55
  • Shoes - $35 first time members of the band.


  • Retreat
    • Wednesday 8/16
      • Breakfast - not provided (eat at home)
      • Lunch - not provided (eat at home)
      • Dinner - provided for all MBCG students
    • Thursday 8/17
      • Breakfast - provided for all MBCG students
      • Lunch - provided for all MBCG students
      • Dinner - Provided for all MBCG students
    • Wednesday 8/18
      • Breakfast - provided for all MBCG students
      • Lunch - provided for all MBCG students
      • Dinner - not provided (eat at home)
  • Trips - Exact meal details will be given on trip itineraries
    • Friday of trip - Students will be responsible for their own meals (B, L and dinner on the road)
    • Saturday of trip - Our parent chaperones will provide and serve meals on Saturdays of the trip.  Many students bring a few dollars for snacks for the traditional grocery store stop after the competition Saturday night.
    • Sunday of trip - breakfast on Sunday morning of the trips will be provided and served by our chaperones . If there is a lunch needed, the students will be on their own.


Medication of any kind may not be carried by the student.  Please do not share medication under any circumstances.  Although we would all like to assist with aches, pains and headaches of our friends - we just don't know how others will react to medications.  Unfortunately we have had students attempt to help their friends by giving common medicaines (ibuprofen, etc) and caused mild to sever reactions in those they were trying to help.

  • Retreat - Medication for retreat will need to be administered by a parent at the time those medications are needed.  Our school nurses are not on staff during our rehearsals that take place prior to the start of the school year.  Therefore, the nurses are unable to document and train our staff for administration of medication.  Please don't hesitate to communicate with our directors regarding times that medication will need to be administered.
  • Trips - Medication needed for trips will need to be registered with the school nurses.  The nurses will train the staff on the administration of these medications.  These medications will be kept in the posession of the staff.


  • Location
    • Retreat - students will be in the MHS Field House
    • Trips/competitions - students will stay in gyms at schools near the competition.  Specific locations will be on the itineraries available during the week of travel.
  • Sleeping information
    • Gym Stays - during our retreat and trips during marching band season our group stays in school gyms.
    • Needed gear - air mattress, pillow, sleeping bag/blankets, pajamas
      • NO SHARING - there will be no sharing of air matresses, blankets, etc.
    • Supervision - we have volunteer chaperones that are set up to provide a boundary between genders.
    • Lights out -
      • students are expected to change, brush their teeth, wash up, etc prior to the designated lights out time.
      • students are expected to be quiet and curteous of others.
      • students are to remain in their own bed until lights on - of course, students may use the rest room if needed.  
      • Students may not get out of bed prior to the designated wake up time. 
  • Cell phone use - Although cell phones may be used during non rehearsal times, we strongly recommend spending time chatting with each other and building relationships.
    • Lights out - when lights go out, cell phones can be used for music to fall asleep to only.  If they become a disruption for others or keep the user up late, they will be taken.  PLEASE consider turning them off and getting sleep.  




  • Retreat
    • Drop off and pick up -
      • Location - use the bus turn around area located on the east side of the school and drop off students near the theatre entrance (panther in the brick courtyard).  We strongly recommend students do not leave vehicles at the school overnight!
      • Students should report to our check in tables near the theatre entrance.  They will then be able to take sleeping gear to the field house.
  • Rehearsals
    • Two-A-Days
    • Weekly after school
    • Saturday rehearsals
  • Performances
    • Home football games
    • Marching band competitions


  • On-campus rehearsals
  • Off-site rehearsals
  • Competitions 


  • Uniform help - uniform fitting takes place during our two-a-day rehearsals. Please see the schedule for these times and let our directors know if you are interested in helping.
  • Serve meals
  • Chaperone trips
  • General maintenance