Color Guard 2018-2019 CONGRATS

Conrgratulations to the following students and to all those who auditioned! 

For those new to the color guard program, connect with us with your Schoology through the Mead SD. Parents; please contact Mr. Lewis or Meg O'Neil for a code that will connect you to your student and our program!


2018-2019 Mead HS Color Guard Members

Hailey Anderson
Shelby Chambers
Aaron Christie
Zady Danica
Melisa Fleming
Hero Fuller
Deanna Gonzalez
Merissa Gray
Ellie Hawkes
Emma Helt
Sadie Hill
Alyssa Jolly
McKenzie Kingsbury
Bailey Macpherson
Cerissa Moeller
Rachel Perry
Madison Rodriguez
Kylie Rowand-Perry
Lauren Ruckhaber
Sarah Rukhaber
Destiny Sanchez
Kaylee Tollefsen
Britney West
Trinity Brogdon
Mara Liu
Aliya Aleshkin
Brooklynn Graham